Delivering on the Promise of ESG With Performance Metrics

At Molpus Woodlands Group, we use key performance indicators (KPIs) as metrics to enable us to measure and quantify our progress on ESG. KPIs are divided into three ESG categories: environmental, social, and governance.

Social KPIs

Number of Community Engagement Projects, Workshops, Sponsorships, and Other Events

Total 2010 – 2022386

Respect for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Traditional Knowledge

As a condition of certification to the SFI 2014-2019 Forest Management Standard (Objective 8), Molpus recognizes and respects Indigenous Peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge. This includes understanding and respecting traditional forest-related knowledge, protecting spiritual, historical, and cultural sites, and using non-timber forest products. Molpus is aware of eight neighboring tribes in five states where they manage properties, and we also manage lands within the reservation boundaries of three tribes.

Percentage of Workers Trained on Health and Safety Measures Prior to Entering the Forests

All harvesting contractors are required to have at least one person on-site that is current with the logger educational requirements of the state. As part of our SFI’s Best Management Practices (BMP) Training and Education Program, we require all new Molpus foresters who have not been trained through the state’s professional logger education program, to complete that series of training within the first year of employment. Health and Safety is one of the sections.

Percentage of Workers Trained on Sustainable Forestry and Harvesting Measures Prior to Entering the Forests

100% of Molpus foresters are trained in sustainability (BMP training is also a section of the logger education program, and reinforced during internal, regional SFI audits). We contractually require all harvesting and heavy-equipment contractors and chemical applicators to have BMP training.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The Dick Molpus Foundation Scholarship is awarded to an incoming minority forestry student at Mississippi State University. This scholarship includes an opportunity for a summer internship with the Molpus Woodlands Group and membership in the Society of American Foresters.

Percentage of Employees Who Earn Continuing Education Credits With a Social Component

100% of Molpus foresters and operational staff complete at least three hours of professional continuing education annually. Most CE credits fit into the “E” of ESG, but various trainings have touched on the social or governance sides.

Percentage of Molpus-Managed Forestland Acres Open for Either Public Access or Private Lease

99% for the 2020-2021 season.

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