The Molpus Real Estate and Renewables Team works to enhance client returns in all non-timber revenue streams. This team works hand-in-hand with every facet of the company to create additional cash flow for the investment. Due to our vertical integration, the team is able to work on new and innovative revenue opportunities on an on-going basis.

Due Diligence and Increasing Cash Flow

The Real Estate and Renewables Team is involved in major aspects of client investments.

During the initial modeling and due diligence stage, they perform an in-depth study of the property. Our team then reviews and prepares the appropriate financial and forestry-related analysis for improving client returns.

Nontraditional Cash Sources

During the life of the investment, our team helps increase cash flows from nontraditional sources. For example, a client’s investment value may be increased by recognizing a higher and better use for the property through a land sale opportunity. Hunting leases, seismic permits, oil and gas leases, and easements are also ways to optimize client returns.

Optimizing Returns and Promoting Forest Health Through Renewables

Additionally, the team works with state, federal, and private conservation groups and organizations to promote the health of the forest and the protection of endangered species such as participating in conservation easements and mitigation banks.

Green Energy Markets

There are new and exciting opportunities that our team monitors on a daily basis. Currently, our team is involved in leveraging value in the emerging markets of carbon credits and sequestration, biomass, solar and wind energy.

Molpus is excited about the potential opportunities of leveraging underutilized resources of a client’s property to create additional returns and promote positive environmental impacts. Our team stands ready to study and pursue new opportunities in our ever-evolving world.

For more information on timberland management and investment services, please contact Molpus Woodlands Group.