Experienced Marketing Foresters

Our foresters, many with more than a quarter century of experience in the local timber marketplace, work to achieve maximum exposure and timing of a client’s timber sales.

Marketing Standing Timber

Our staff of experienced logging and procurement foresters provide clients with multiple options to market and harvest their standing timber.

From long-term timber supply agreements to capitalizing on short-term, market-driven stumpage sales, we devise and implement timber marketing strategies to help maximize our clients’ goals.

For clients who prefer the stability of long-term timber supply agreements, Molpus’ timber marketing specialists have decades of experience in developing long-term supply agreements with major wood-using customers. Other clients prefer to sell standing timber through competitively-bid stumpage sales. 

Harvesting Best Practices

Before standing timber is sold, our foresters take an active role in painting timber sale boundaries and delineating sensitive, streamside management zones (SMZs).

Once the standing timber is sold, our foresters monitor the logger to ensure every tree harvested is delivered to a mill that can utilize it to its highest and best value.

Timber security procedures are in place to track every truckload of wood that originates from one of our client’s timber sales. As the logger works, our foresters monitor activities and confirm that industry-developed best management practices (BMPs) are being followed.

For more information on timberland management and investment services, please contact Molpus Woodlands Group.