Delivering on the Promise of ESG With Performance Metrics

At Molpus, we use key performance indicators (KPIs) as metrics to enable us to measure and quantify our progress on ESG. KPIs are divided into three ESG categories: environmental, social, and governance.

Governance KPIs

Percentage of Timberlands Managed that Have Dedicated ESG Resources at the Property Management Level

100% of timberlands are managed by professional foresters and resource staff.

Percentage of Property Managers Participating in National Associations Focusing on ESG Improvements

All four Molpus regional directors are involved in national associations that work on ESG-related issues. Most of our property managers, as well as managing directors and staff, are involved at a state level in state forestry associations, state implementation committees, state landscape committees, and regionally with research cooperatives.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

The Molpus Information Systems team coordinates continuous improvement initiatives. From an operational SFI and FSC Program standpoint, our monitoring processes (inspections analysis and internal auditing format) help us identify trends and areas needing improvement. The audit team format provides opportunities for learning and exchange of ideas and ultimately, improvements.

Resources Devoted to Monitoring Compliance

Molpus relies on oversight delivered by committed people and leading technology. In accordance with SFI and FSC standards, a Molpus company coordinator supervises trained foresters who work with property managers. Foresters are supported by GIS analysts, biometricians, and programmers. Drones produce survey data that harvest schedulers use to build growth and yield models.

Financial controls are overseen by an experienced staff.

Number of Reporting Requirements Linked to ESG

Molpus provides annual audited compliance reports to SFI and FSC.

Data and Information Management to Support Strategic Planning

Molpus utilizes leading technologies in geographic information systems (GIS) in web, desktop and mobile applications to generate inventory, boundary line work, stand boundary delineation, treatment prescriptions, and cost estimates.

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