Legal & Accounting Services for Timberland Management


The Molpus legal team is composed of attorneys, degreed paralegals, and support staff. Our team members have experience working across our legal needs, whether it is litigation, employment law, real property law, or transactional law.

We strive to innovate our approaches to learning more about our timberland business and to apply that knowledge to proactive legal solutions.

We believe it is just as important to work smart as it is to work hard. As a part of an innovative approach to bringing efficiency, predictability, and savings to legal management, we have overseen the implementation of an internal work flow management system. Whether it is streamlining pre-transaction requests and reviews or the post execution maintenance of client records and tracking key dates, we are able to increase productivity through improved contract and transaction management.


An experienced staff of timberland accountants and related personnel continually monitor the financial performance of each Molpus client.

Staff responsibilities include preparing short term and long term financial models that enable our clients to understand, in detail, the anticipated overall cash flow from their investment.

Monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date budgets and financial statements are prepared and provided to clearly demonstrate actual performance versus the financial model.

The accounting staff is also responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring internal controls to ensure the security of our client’s investment.

For more information on timberland management and investment services, please contact Molpus Woodlands Group.