Why Invest With Molpus?

Molpus Woodlands Group is one of the oldest timber-related companies in the nation. We have acquired more than 4 million acres for clients valued at over $4 billion. Our vertically integrated business structure allows us to handle or supervise functions that other firms may outsource to unrelated, third-party contractors. In-house experts design and implement new technologies that optimize biological growth, maximize sale prices, and enhance client returns.

Unique Benefits

Timberland, a natural, renewable resource that provides many environmental benefits, also offers many unique benefits to investors such as low volatility, favorable supply and demand, flexible harvesting, liquidity, and more.

Potential Risks

All risks should be considered when investing in timberland. Some of these risks may include losses due to nature, overpayment, political and environmental group pressures, and more. Molpus works with clients to mitigate these risks while continuing to diversify their portfolios.

Acquisition Process

Acquiring a property on behalf of a client begins with understanding the client’s investment objectives. The process continues with identifying candidate properties, evaluating the opportunities of those specific properties, modeling the investments, negotiating purchases, and conducting final due diligence and closing.