Jackson, Mississippi. The Molpus Woodlands Group, a timberland investment management organization (TIMO) headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, has announced today, on behalf of Molpus’s third co-mingled fund, the successful purchase of a major tract of timberland.

The acreage, consisting of high-quality industrial timberland, is located in northwest and southeast Louisiana and northeast Texas. The timberlands offer a balanced pine plantation age class distribution, as well as strong recreational values. These timberlands are located in one of the stronger timber market regions of the southern United States.

“This ownership has historically been well-managed, is highly productive, and is located in close proximity to stable and competitive timber markets. We are pleased about the future potential to our clients,” stated Molpus Woodlands Group President, Dick Molpus.

The fund, which closed in May of 2011 at $439 million, is made up of U.S. and international investors, including corporate and public retirement systems, university endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals. Molpus currently manages approximately 1,000,000 acres of timberland investments located in fifteen states.