Land Management

Molpus foresters bring a broad level of expertise to all major aspects of land management administration. Our staff develop and manage innovative projects, such as forest carbon offsets and conservation easements, in addition to the more routine land matters of managing hunting clubs, maintaining property boundary lines, handling ingress and egress issues, and supervising all requests for utility easements and land-management leases.

On an ongoing basis, our staff of silviculturalists and land managers develop and implement a silvicultural prescription to improve the growth and development of the forest. Consideration is given to the geographical location, historical forest cover type, site potential and desired species mix of the stand. To achieve regeneration goals, both natural and artificial systems are employed. Pairing our staffs’ years of experience with our team-based approach, Molpus foresters strive to maximize the productive potential of each site while adhering to the unique environmental considerations across each investment portfolio.

Where appropriate, combinations of mechanical and chemical site preparation, in conjunction with fertilization and herbaceous weed control, genetically improved seedlings are typically prescribed to artificially regenerate a timber stand. Mid-rotation silvicultural practices that include thinning, fertilization and understory vegetation control are commonly prescribed to help improve long-term investment goals.