The 2015 Annual Report of the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) features a “Letter from the Chairman” by Dick Molpus, president of The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC, and current NAFO chairman.  

In his letter, Molpus provides a high-level update of NAFO’s activities for 2015 and states priorities for 2016: “We’ve been successful because our members and allies understand that keeping our land forested is in everyone’s interest. Our issues are America’s issues. Our working forests are the lifeblood of rural communities across America. They help employ millions of Americans through the production of goods and services that improve quality of life while they clean our air and water and provide beautiful landscapes enjoyed by wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts alike.”

To access Molpus’s letter and the entire 2015 Annual Report of NAFO, please click on the following link:

 The Molpus Woodlands Group currently has two million acres under management in eighteen states, valued in excess of $2 billion.