Molpus Offers Elk Hunt Tags for 2012 Season

Jackson, Mississippi.  Molpus Timberlands Management, LLC, on behalf of a client, is offering for sale exclusive and highly prized Kentucky elk landowner tags for the upcoming 2012 hunting season.  Purchase of these tags provides outstanding opportunities for hunting trophy bulls in the beautiful Kentucky mountains during any legal 2012 elk season, using archery or gun, as set by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.  Steve Zischke, who had the opportunity to harvest a 330 class bull last year using a Molpus elk landowner tag, recently had this to say about his hunt, "The quality of the bulls was amazing, and the experience was truly one I will not forget.  The country was beautiful and the game plentiful."    

Molpus has cooperated with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources by entering approximately 55,000 acres of prime elk habitat in eastern Kentucky into a "Wildlife Management Area" agreement; in exchange, Molpus's client receives eleven transferable elk landowner tags.  Molpus Timberlands Management has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation to market one of these landowner tags through a national campaign.  The remaining ten tags are sold to private individuals. 

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources successfully spearheaded the effort to reintroduce elk into the mountainous regions of eastern Kentucky in 1997.  Overhunting decimated the elk in Kentucky approximately 150 years ago.  The reestablishment of the elk herd has been highly successful due to the area's vast grasslands, Kentucky's temperate climate, the absence of large predators, and minimal human interaction.  Today, Kentucky has the largest elk herd east of the Rockies, and the herd is producing truly outstanding trophy bull elk on a consistent basis. 

For further information on our landowner tags, please contact Mark James at or call our Richmond, Kentucky office at (859) 623-3088.       


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