Value Added Investments

Molpus's Value-Added Team works to enhance the return of its clients in all non-timber revenue streams.  They work hand-in-hand with every facet of the company to create additional cash flow for the investment. Due to Molpus' vertical integration,  the team is on the forefront of great opportunities. Molpus is excited about the potential opportunity of leveraging additional resources of the client's property to create additional returns as well as promote a positive environmental message.

The Value-Added Team is involved in every aspect of client investments. During the initial modeling and due diligence stage, the Value-Added Team does an in-depth study of the property.  The team will perform the appropriate financial, forestry, GIS and legal analysis to ensure maximum returns to clients. During the life of the investment, the team creates and increases cash flows from nontraditional attributes while promoting a positive environmental message. Upon disposition, value is increased by understanding the future use of the land to capitalize the full opportunity of the property.

The Value-Added Team has optimized investments by Higher and Better Use (HBU) land sales through demographic studies and path of progress projections. Hunting leases, seismic leases, oil & gas leases and easements are also negotiated to optimize the return. The team also works with state, federal and private conservation groups and organizations to promote the health of the forest and the protection of endangered species such as participating in conservation easement's and mitigation banks.  There are new and exciting opportunities that the Value-Added Team monitors on a daily basis. The team is currently involved in leveraging value in the emerging markets of carbon credits, biomass and wind energy. 

In addition to current opportunities being pursued, the team stands ready to study and pursue new opportunities in this ever-evolving niche of the timberland investment business.