100 Year Celebration

Molpus is the only TIMO with a century of timber related knowledge to draw upon. "As the industry has evolved over time, from sawmills to lumberyards to timberland investment, so have we. We've been an active part of that evolution," notes Dick Molpus, President, The Molpus Company and The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC. Molpus 100 Year Logo

"Of course, we're not just resting on our depth of experience. We're expanding on it, hiring people who are recognized experts in timberland investment management. And we don't just consult with foresters and technicians, we are foresters and technicians."

Molpus is proud to have been a leader in the timber industry in our first century of business. We are continuing our tradition of innovation as we continue into our second century.
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